There are things one would rather not know , things one would rather not read about. Atrocious deeds done to people, done to women in particular.

Over the past weeks one could thus read interviews with that doctor of a hospital in east Congo , telling about the ordeals of women who have been raped, mutilated and are then ostracised by their own communities. Telling about how in the vast majority of cases their abusers go unpunished.
And while further perusing the papers, one could read about the belated capture of a Croatian war criminal. And one was reminded of those cruel war years in Yougoslavia, when Bosnian women were abused by the thousands.

No, one would rather not know all that . One really would rather read something else. And yet, these crimes have to be made known, as widely as possible. Silence would be the worst.

And what to do? Besides shuddering and lamenting? Run to the bank and donate to Amnesty? Write a letter to one’s representative in the European parliament? And link to a UN- campaign page.



Roxana said...

yes, what can one do or say? "48 Women Raped Every Hour In Congo, Study Finds" - appalling is the right word, but are there any right words to describe this? i feel so helpless...

ffflaneur said...

yes, yes, ....dearest Roxana ... horrific is another (powerless) word.