Train catering service (a cup of coffee for b.)

Ode To A Plastic Coffee Cup


billoo said...

hahaha :-)))

That's cute! Where's the cinnamon roll, though? (only joking..reminds me of the old story...a man goes to the top of a mountain to escape the world and find spiritual solace, except he can't give up chocolate so someone every Wed. comes up and delivers it to him. But then he realizes he has to offer this man some tea so he brings a cow up there for fresh milk. This doesn't stop him praying. he nearly reaches Enlightenment. "If only someone could look after the cow" he says to himself. ...So, he brings someone up there to tend to the cow. but that man brings his own family as well, and, and, to cut a long story short, the whole village moves up to the mountain!).

Swann Ffflaneur said...

so sorry Sir - we found nota single cinnamon roll in our photo-archives... (only some croissant-crumbs, but i suppose those won't do)

(:-) humanity's curse: we can't stay simply put, immersed in solitary prayer on a mountain top)

billoo said...

oh, I dunno, f...I think that sometimes "the world isn't with us enough" (Levertov). I guess some would say that our detachment from the world and our relation to God is what defines us (or should define us) but I can't help think that it is the quality of our attachments that really makes us human. No?

So, yes, desires and pleasures and memories and regrets, 'work' (in Arendt's sense), film, art, music, love, friendship and lots of other things (and cinnamon rolls and croissants-especially if almond ones- of course!).

In all that a place for silence as well..but, no, putting my muslim hat on, I can't think of those things as a curse!

Ha! you're the second woman in a week to call me 'Sir'. I really must be getting very old! :-)

Take care,


and the leg?

Swann Ffflaneur said...

don't worry b. - it's just my train attendant persona being polite to the book-reading traveller requesting a cinnamon roll.

ah, yes, the world ... full of lots of things & lots of people