fragments of re-enchantment (1)

Lo and behold, music made visible : the sounds of trumpets, of psalteries & harps, of timbrels & choirs, of strings & organs, of the high sounding cymbals of joy

 (Luca della Robbia, singing gallery - 1432) 

Laudate eum in sono tubae; laudate eum in psalterio et cithara.
Laudate eum in tympano et choro; laudate eum in chordis et organo.
Laudate eum in cymbalis benesonantibus; laudate eum in cymbalis jubilationis.

Rejoicing for reasons difficult to fathom now, but a melancholy sticky tune nonetheless.  

(Florence, Opera del Duomo Museum - Sala delle Cantorie)  
Music played here is  Lassus, 1573 -  not exactly matched with pictured score

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