Great inventions, company-offices. Conceived to have us acting at our most rational, efficient and disciplined and thus pivotal in the western creation of wealth and order.

Yes, economic productivity demands impersonal spaces, air-conditioning, artificial light, clear objectives, formal organization charts, impersonal dress-codes. A whole universe set-up to squelch irrational human behavior and censor disruptive human needs.
Just imagine the dramatic plunge efficiency & productivity would take , should human sympathy intervene in the objective assessment of an employee’s worth, should personal likes and dislikes interfere with company-projects.
And imagine all the wasted time if people would bask in a shaft of sun-light instead of working calmly in a neon glow, if people would be gazing at the skies instead of their screens, would sniff the autumnal air instead of breathing air-conditioned nothingness.

Well yes, how to get people with the most diverse persuasions, sensibilities and interests working together efficiently, if not by subordinating the subjective and the personal to a system of shared rational calculations?
Gosh, I wouldn't even dare to rebel against so marvelous a system. Great system. Really.

But oh oh oh .... even after all these years … how often do I mumble this Proust-quote at my desk: “I was trapped in an alien reality, one that was not made for me and against which appeal was not possible” (*)

(*) "Je me trouvais dans une réalité qui n’était pas faite pour moi et contre laquelle il n’y avait pas de recours"


Phoenix said...

if one decides to brood even darkly, it does seem a bit doomsdayish...the looming automation of the human race - grey, boxed, assembly line specifications and no fresh air.
imagine there's no diversity.

ffflaneur said...

should we indeed decide to brood ever so darkly: imagine the choice really is one between homogenous reason (reason is objective & thus objectively the same for everyone, or is it? ) and irrational diversity???? Between vapid, smooth efficiency and tumultuous conflict???

but of course we will not decide to brood darkly! Be Frivolous Or Die!

Phoenix said...

:-D no point taking anything seriously, is there? just a ride, that's all it is.

ffflaneur said...

"it is a tale full of sound & fury, signifying nothing"

& so we blog away furiously, waving at each other along the ride :-D

Phoenix said...

ships passing in the night, fellow-travelers all... :-D

ffflaneur said...

exactly! :)