in the meanwhile, out there in the world

Just wandering about the streets – one can get overwhelmed by the sheer solid self-sufficiency of the world.

Take that cleaning service across the street, with a busy ladder outside – surely the harbinger of some very useful activity about to be performed. There’s not a shred of self-doubt in this whole set-up. It is just there . It is reality. It is solid.

Or take that house with adjacent garage. That door, so very accomplished a door – you can imagine the light filtering through its glass windowpanes into the silent corridor. And that garage : so perfectly closed a garage! You can just hear the rusty rumble when the garage-shutter would be raised.


Phoenix said...

these be the eyes that see right through to the soul, of anything


ffflaneur said...

dear Phoenix - your comment has saved an otherwise absolutely drab day! :-)