jet lagging

am haunted still by incessant flows of yellow cabs – incessant chatter – incessant streams of video-images – incessant hello how are you todays – incessant interaction & action & reaction

the triumph of verticality & flashing neon lights

there’s elation in superficiality (far less exhausting than reflection or sounding the depths)

the incessant drone of the plane-engines still ringing in my ears


antonia said...

When I opened my eyes I saw nothing but the pool of nocturnal sky, for I was lying on my back with out-stretched arms, face to face with that hatchery of stars. Only half awake, still unaware that those depths were sky, having no roof between those depths and me, no branches to screen them, no root to cling to, I was seized with vertigo and felt myself as if flung forth and plunging downward like a diver.
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

ffflaneur said...

@ antonia : how aptly unsettling an image - "no roof between those depths and me"