green - the sequel

Not only it's ruining my reputation, all that green. But also, this particular kind of bright green só clashes with the otherwise hushed up hues of this blog.
About time I did an 'abandoned factories' series.


Roxana said...

hey, what is this, you've changed your blog format a little bit... and a link to your flickr page, wow [was there such a link before and I have missed it?]
now I have so many images to discover... but for now I will only say that this picture here is fabulous. the refined simplicity, the balance in the colour choice... I love it. and no, I don't think there is such a clash as the one you mention: l'intensite du vert ne fait qu'accentuer la sobriete des lignes et la purete de la composition [sorry, it was difficult to write this in english :-)]

ffflaneur said...

not only do I like your comment, but also your French! and in particular that French phrase .... with its gravely articulated precision (a quality English does lack ...)
That phrase sounds wonderfully as some quote from an old art historical book, written by an erudite connoisseur.

oh well, projection is everything - we 'guess as we read', don't we :-)

(has me also wondering how many languages you speak??? )

Roxana said...

you know, some time back when I talked to a French friend of mine, she noticed how often I used two words which normally never appear, she said, in every day conversations, "hypothese" and "sous-tendre" - "old art historical book" is quite close, but "critique litteraire" instead "histoire d'art" would be the perfect fit :-) I wrote my phd in French so I think that's the explanation :-) but no, there were also such old good times when we used to learn French in school by reading Balzac, Flaubert and Sainte-Beuve, now I'm afraid everything's changed.
(5 languages, but I can understand also italian, spanish and portuguese, even if I don't speak them, I guess that's the advantage of studying Romance languages and speaking one of them as native tongue, the rest comes in handy :-)

and you?

ffflaneur said...

aha ... so that precious french phrase is to be explained by a phd, Balzac, Flaubert and Sainte-Beuve .... :-)
still counting your 5 languages: romanian, french, english, german, & the 5th?

with me the counter stops at 3: dutch,french, english
& then some very basic notions of german (mostly because it so resembles dutch) and 9 Assimil-lessons of Italian :-)