after the museum, the magazine newsroom

a selection of recent strategic targets for fundamentalist gunmen: 
  • a museum (Brussels)
  • a magazine newsroom (Paris)
  • a school (Pakistan)  

and then came the Jewish supermarket in Paris, and then other idiots  started attacking mosques...

 Back in May,  many of us held their breath - if only things won't escalate, if only this attack remains isolated.
And now - what a bloody mess. And, again,  one can only hope (pray if one must) : please let things not escalate.       



billoo said...

What's the word at the top, fff? Really liked the last photo but didn't want to comment. I was in Pakistan when the Peshawar attack happened. Incredibly depressing. Hmm. Time to pick up 'Men in dark times' (Arendt)again?

Keep well,


Swann Ffflaneur said...

(word at the top: an innocent unrelated pre-attack word ('street').)

It's all incredibly depressing indeed. Yes, perhaps time to re-read 'men in dark times - us pessimists always have books like that at hand.

all the best!