Bookworms, beware!

"Subdivisions according to Generalities and Form"
"Destroying Bookworms with Ozone" (1)

Of all the millions of paper cards stuffed into the thousands of drawers - I chance upon a reference card about bookworms (and their destruction) ....
As if an haphazard Google search would instantly lead one to the ultimate virus-worm threatening the  world wide web.

Now marketed as "the paper Google" , the Mundaneum in Mons documents a late 19th-early 20th century attempt to reference all the knowledge of the world.   I' m always sympathetic towards the conservation of utopian projects, especially if they involve paper cards and wooden drawers with copper handles. And no cookies tracking my shadowy trail through the drawers ....

(1) Google-note   : no Google-results found for "Destroying bookworms with Ozone" -
 "Your search - "Vertilgung von Bücherwürmern durch Ozon" - did not match any documents."

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