Here is November again!

Here is November again! November, with its lashing rains, its blazing yellows, its startling sunrays, its foggy forgiveness.

The dark & the rain now again envelope my morning & evening commutes – so I can walk invisibly , with cap turned on, looking up at lighted windows, wondering at the lives being lived there.

Now I can again gaze out of autumnal windows, at home, or traveling, peering through rain drops, watching the changing skies, the violently shaking trees.

And the autumnal park, how it is so yellow, how the wet tree barks are so shiningly black, and the yellow leaves so luminous. How a sudden sunray can set ablaze a wet wooden bench.


billoo said...

Lovely photos. One reminded me of Hopper.

Swann Ffflaneur said...

Hi b. thanks for your visit & kind words.

There is something with rooms, windows & Hopper - be it in summer with the sun light falling on a bare wall, or at night with electric light illuminating silent people.